Enhance your wellness journey with this bundle of fan favorites! These oils are some of our most used and are so versatile. Use them to create a clean, cozy home, support your health daily, ditch toxins in your daily routine, and make your space smell and feel welcoming - all at the same time!! 
The Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle contains 5mL bottles of:
  • Thieves Vitality: our go-to for immune boosting! Add a drop of this spicy, sweet oil to honey & hot tea, add to coffee grounds before brewing or drop into your daily NingXia Red! You can also diffuse this chai-inspired blend!
  • Lavender: the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils! Lavender is a soft, welcoming oil that is good for so many things - sleep and relaxation, seasonal air quality changes, soothing tender skin, and releasing tension. 
  • Peppermint: like a breath of fresh air. Peppermint is crisp and cool and inviting! It is a favorite for head and neck stiffness, opening the sinuses and cooling and calming tense muscles. Diffuse Peppermint for a burst of alertness (pair with Lemon!) and to promote focus!
  • Peace & Calming: does just what the name suggests. This blend containing Patchouli, Orange and Blue Tansy is a wonderful choice when you need a moment of peace. Diffuse to wind down, add to an epsom salt bath, use in a linen spray or use as a personal fragrance!
  • Purification: the purifying oil! This blend of Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Myrtle and other purifying oils is the one you'll reach for when anything needs to be refreshed - your home, the laundry, stinky shoes, even your body and skin!
  • Lemon Vitality: sunshine in a bottle. Lemon is another highly versatile oil that just has the happiest scent! Use Lemon to cut through grease in your kitchen and on your skin! Pair with Lavender for an oily skin treatment, diffuse with just about any other oil (Vanilla + Lemon smells like baking cookies!), add to DIY cleaning recipes and laundry, and use for immune and liver health.
  • Stress Away: an instant beach vacation. Stress Away combines Vanilla, Lime and Copaiba oils to create the feeling of an oasis anytime you need it. Diffuse, add to epsom salts for a relaxing soak, use as a personal fragrance, add to body butter or bath gel, add to your Thieves Household Cleaner - anyway you use this oil you will love it! 
  • Vanilla oleoresin: like being enveloped in a warm hug. Vanilla is a warm, welcoming oil that we love to diffuse with Lavender or Thieves, add to Thieves Household Cleaner, wear as a daily perfume and add to all our favorite roller blends! 
Keep reading for recipes, DIYs and diffuser blends with these oils!
DAILY HABITS WITH THE PREMIUM AROMA LOYALTY BUNDLE Create a cozy home with these essential oils!
  • Use Lemon, Thieves, Purification and Lavender in DIY cleaning products for a fresh, sparkling home.
  • Make a linen or upholstery spray to spray on bed linens, couches and other furniture (and ditch the Febreeze!)
  • To 2oz glass spray bottle add
    • Up to 40 drops oils (Thieves + Lemon; Purification + Lemon + Lavender; Lavender + Vanilla; Peace and Calming + Lavender)
    • Splash witch hazel
    • Fill with filtered water 
  • Drop oils onto wool dryer balls (2-3 drops per ball) for fresh laundry without the dryer sheets. Peppermint + Stress Away are favorites for this! Purification is another great option.
  • To use, add oils to dryer balls and turn on the dryer for a few minutes before adding clothes.
  • Add up to 40 drops to Thieves Household Cleaner (Lavender + Lemon + Peppermint is a great combo! Or choose Lemon + Vanilla for a cookin-inspired scent)
  • Make a DIY Wood Polish
    • 1 cup olive oil)
    • 5 drops Purification
    • 5 drops Lemon essential oil
Add these oils to your health and selfcare routines
  • Add a few drops of Lavender, Stress Away, or Peace and Calming directly onto the crown of the head for emotional support. Drop directly onto the scalp and avoid rubbing in and your hair will not be oily! Plus, you've now turned your hair into a diffuser. Win win! 
  • Wear Peace and Calming, Vanilla or Stress Away as a personal fragrance. Simply drop onto wrists, neck and behind ears as desired.
  • Add a few drops of Lemon Vitality to your water throughout the day! 
  • Add a drop of Lemon Vitality and/or Thieves Vitality to honey in hot tea.
  • Relax and recharge with an epsom salt bath! For every 1 cup of salts, add 10 drops of essential oil. Feeling run-down? Add ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup Himalayan salt and a little extra essential oil!
  • Make these Detox Bath Salts:
    • 1 cup magnesium flakes
    • ½ cup epsom salts
    • 5 drops Thieves essential oil
    • 10 drops Lavender
    • 10 drops Lemon
    • Optional: dried lavender, rose buds, rosemary
    • Add to a glass jar and mix well. If gifting or storing add ¼ cup baking soda or Himalayan salt to help prevent clumping. 
  • Give your skin and your joints some love with this Soothing ACV Bath Soak:
  • Make a simple cuticle oil! 
    • DIY Roll-on Cuticle Oil
    • 1½ teaspoons V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex
    • 10 drops Lavender essential oil
    • 5 drops Vanilla essential oil
    • Add all the above to an empty 15 ml essential oil bottle and add an AromaGlide Roller Fitment. Roll onto your cuticles anytime, anywhere.
DIFFUSE There are SO many great diffuser options with this bundle!! Here are a few favorites. Play around with the ones you like the best - you can't go wrong! 
  • Bakery Treats: 4 drops each Thieves, Lemon, Vanilla
  • Springtime Air: 4 drops each Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint
  • Snickerdoodle: 5 drops Stress Away, 3 drops Vanilla, 3 drops Peppermint
  • Troubles Melt Away: 5 drops Peace and Calming, 6 drops Lavender
  • Laundry Day: 4 drops each Purification, Lemon, Lavender
  • Happy Noses: 4 drops Purification, 6 drops Lemon