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Check out this month’s gifts with purchase:
  • 100PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE 5ml Deep Relief essential oil blend! 
  • 190PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE 5ml Sensation essential oil blend!
  • 190PV Orders: get a FREE 15ml Bergamot essential oil!
  • 250PV Orders: snag a FREE Charcoal Face Mask!
  • 300PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE bottle of Detoxzyme!
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Read on for all the happenings in our Wellness Community this month!  

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We have an easy button for you! Use the button below to shop our February Essentials wishlist - a curated custom cart with your Young Living must-haves for this month. Get your must-haves with an additional 10-25% back in points you can spend like a gift card on your Young Living account!

Press the 'reset' button on your home in february

Does your home bring you joy - or stress? Do you want to create rhythms for your home that actually work? Do you avoid cleaning sometimes because it gives your lungs trouble, or you dread the headache afterwards? 

Join us during the months of February and March as we nurture our homes, do simple tasks each day, and reduce the toxic load on our homes, families, and emotions. When we constantly feel that we are fighting our homes rather than nurturing them, it takes a toll on our well-being and joy. We'll change that story together one day at a time during the Clean Home Challenge!

Hop into the Facebook Challenge Group linked below to plug into the community, support, education, and fun happenings all month long as we seek to inspire and encourage one another! Use the password CLEANHOME24 to join in!

This Month In Our Group

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Young Living gives us the tools we need to live our best lives; and this month in our group we are diving into all the ways YL can support your 2024 wellness goals! Stay tuned and be sure to check in often!

February Diffuser Blends


Grab these February diffuser blends to fill your rooms with all the cozy scents of LOVE this month! Inspire connection, celebration, and calm. An added bonus: they support your body and help you to stay above the wellness line!

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the best results from your oils? Maybe you’ve tried using them and don’t seem to get the same results you hear others are getting from theirs. But WHY? Here are 5 tips to help you start getting better results with your essential oils:
1️⃣ Use your oils EARLY & OFTEN. Consistency and frequency is KEY when it comes to your oils! Don't wait until you are already very sick to start using your oils - use them daily as support for your entire body! And remember - an oil is metabolized in your body very quickly, so you can reapply frequently for best results. 
2️⃣ Mix it Up - different oils have different benefits, and every person’s body chemistry is different. Not all oils will work the same for you as they do for someone else. This is a different approach than ‘medicine’ where it always forces the same effect. Lavender might not be calming for you, but Orange and Cedarwood might be your jam! Peace & Calming might not do anything for you but Valor or Sacred Mountain work amazing! Experiment and see what works for you.
3️⃣ Go Neat if you Need!  Although dilution can be beneficial for sensitive skin, don’t be afraid to use your oils neat (undiluted) when appropriate. Young Living’s oils are the purest that you can find on the market and go through extensive testing for purity and authenticity. Depending on your needs, you might have better results if you don’t slow down the absorption with a carrier oil! Experiment with varying levels of dilution and don’t be afraid to just drop straight from the bottle! If it feels calm, cool it down with carrier. 
4️⃣ It’s okay to use a lot! I get it, we want to make our oils last! But if you are using the TINIEST DAB of peppermint on your temples and hoping that it helps you mega headache, or diffusing 1 drop of Cedarwood at bedtime- you might be disappointed in the results. Don’t be afraid to use ENOUGH oil to really massage into your scalp and tense areas, or diffuse enough that you can really smell & FEEL the effects of the oil! Experiment with how much works for you - again, everyone is different! Here is your permission slip to use a little more oil and see how you feel. 
5️⃣ Consistency is key!  Just like maintaining a healthy diet or exercise routine, using your oils regularly can lead to better overall results. Using an oil one time is great - but using an oil 2-3x a day for 6-8 weeks can lead to DRAMATIC results.

So there you have it! 5 tips to help you start getting better results using your AMAZING essential oils. These tips will help you start to feel like a PRO oiler instead of a novice!

I am so thankful for you!
Do you have any questions for us? We welcome your feedback and our heart is to serve you in your pursuit of wellness, purpose, and abundance in your life!