Safety When Using Essential Oils
Avoid Getting In Eyes and Ears 


Okay, so at some point you are going to apply essential oils using your hands and forget what you just did and then rub your eye.  You will quickly regret rubbing said eye and begin to reach for the closest or most familiar remedy to stop this rather intensifying stinging in your eye.  Repeat after me: "I will only use a carrier oil to wash oil out of my eyes or wash off sensitive skin.  I will NEVER use water to remove essential oils because water and oil don't mix!"  Say that again if you have to.  Maybe three times to really let it sink it.  You may think I'm exaggerating, but I've helped many peopl and I always tell them this, and yet they forget and when the accident of oils in your eye occurs, they grab the water and it MAKES IS WORSE.  The water will drive the oils deeper into you eyes or skin and that is bad if you're experiencing an unpleasant feeling.  It can be good for helping oils work better in some situations and we will get more into that in a latter section when we talk about oils for relaxing and muscle relief.  But, when it comes to eye, NO WATER.  ANd don't worry, you won't go blind and the feeling will go away.  You just want to know what to do to make it better fast.


I promise you, I've heard horror stories.  Now, I am in no way trying to scare you and make you reluctant to use your oils.  On the contrary!  It is best if you use your oils and use the frequently.  The best oil is the one on your body, in your body, or in the air around you.  They are SO SO SO good for you.  But, never attempt to deal with an ear issue by trying to put oils in the ear, even if you think you're being careful to pool the oils in the outer ear.  You will regret like nothing you've regretted before and be writhing in pain until the oils evaporate (which can last an eternity).  If you are trying to alleviate an issue in your ear, you CAN use a cotton ball.  Apply whatever oil you think will help to the cotton ball (one drop goes a very long way) and place the COTTON BALL in your ear.  This is was my saving grace when y children were smaller and ear issues were common.  Needless to say there were always random cotton balls on the floor that had fallen out of little ears.  But smiling children I will take and gladly pick up their cotton balls.  

Avoid Direct Sunlight with Photosensitive Oils

Some oils are photosensitive, which means they can enhance the sun's effects on your skin and can cause severe burns when skin is exposed to uv rays.  I always tell people this, but it doesn't always sink in.  

So, I want you to repeat after me,

"I will know which oils are photosensitive and avoid sunlight for 12-24 hours when using them on exposed skin."

Not everyone is as sensitive to the sun so the degree of the effect will vary from person to person.  But, trust me, you don't want to find out the hard way that it will affect you more than others and have to live the burns from a sever sun burn that could've been avoided.  
Start Out Low and Slow
If you are just starting to use essential oils, it is best to start low and slow.  What does this mean?  Well, low could mean on the feet or in the diffuser.  The feet is a great place to apply oils as a beginner because the skin is tough.  It absorbs more slowly on the feet because the thick skin can act like a time release and this gives your body a chance to acclimate to the balancing properties of the essential oils.   Also, diffusing is great becasue there are so many particles released into the air and you can only breathe so many particles with each breath, so its a very gentle way to introduce oils to the body.  

 I kind of think of it like a SCUBA diver that comes up for air too quickly.  Oxygen is good and the diver  needs oxygen, but too much too quickly and the pressure doesn't balance slow enough and you got yourself a case the bends.  Well, it won't be as dramatic but I think you catch my drift.  Low and slow and your body has a chance to adjust and avoid discomfort.  The oils have detoxifying qualities as well and if you detox to quickly that can be unpleasant as well.  Once your body is adjusted you will know better how the oils will effect you, develop preferences and begin experiencing a lot of joy as your body, mind and spirit feel uplifted and supported.