In our modern world, glands like our thyroid and adrenals have to work ever harder to keep us healthy, and we want to support them properly! EndoFlex oil blend is a great way to do just that. Endoflex supports healthy thyroid function, hormones, metabolism, and adrenals - the entire endocrine system! This oil blend will help all of these pieces of your puzzle come together as you gradually work your way to a place of more energy that comes from within.
  • Has a minty-fresh, herbaceous, sweet aroma
  • Wonderful support for the entire endocrine system (hormones!) 
  • Great when used as part of a healthy lifestyle with oil blends like En-R-Gee and/or Brain Power
  • Can be used in conjunction with the hormone support supplements EndoGize and Thyromin
  • Makes a wonderful addition to a health regimen including Mineral Essence, Master Formula, Super B, and MultiGreens.
  • Supports hormone balance through a mixture of Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, German Chamomile, and Nutmeg essential oils
By providing balance to this body system, Endoflex gives vital support to the pituitary and pineal glands as well as the parathyroid, thymus and adrenal glands. Endoflex essential oil can help support your body's natural metabolic function which could in turn aid in shedding some extra pounds.
This blend is often very beneficial for teens and kids who are developing hormonally because today's environment and habits put early strain on these areas of their health.

EndoFlex is our main oil for endocrine system support. Unless you have diabetes or a thyroid imbalance, you may not know what this system is or does, but it is crucial to our overall health!!  The endocrine system is a network of glands throughout the body that make hormones - insulin, thyroid hormone, cortisol, sex hormones and more. The hormones made in the endocrine system are responsible for almost every cell, organ, and function in the body. 
The endocrine system is made up of various glands. The hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal gland are in your brain. The thyroid and parathyroid glands are in your neck. The thymus is between your lungs, the adrenals are on top of your kidneys, and the pancreas is behind your stomach. EndoFlex supports all of these in some way! 
While all of these glands are important, the thyroid and the adrenals are often the target of support because they are often out of balance. Energy levels, heart and breathing rates, body temperature, weight, mood and emotions, and even menstrual cycles are affected by these systems.

Each essential oil in the EndoFlex blend plays a specific role for supporting the endocrine system well. Key constituents in these oils include Geraniol, Alpha pinene, 1,8-Cineole, Limonene, and Sabinene. *Constituents are naturally occurring compounds in plants (and therefore essential oils) that give them specific health-supporting properties
  • Spearmint essential oil: Spearmint is bright and fresh, working like a rocket booster for metabolism while also supporting the nervous system to bring beautiful balance.
  • Sage essential oil: Sage has been used for centuries for purification and release of the negativity that wears us down from the inside - physically and emotionally
  • Geranium essential oil: This beautiful floral oil is like a love not to the  hormones, liver, and pancreas as it provides balance to the systems.
  • Myrtle essential oil: Myrtle is a cleansing oil that is incredible for the thyroid gland, helping to restore balance.
  • German Chamomile essential oil: German Chamomile is calming to your system and especially supportive of healthy liver function.
  • Nutmeg essential oil: Nutmeg is the star of adrenal support! Like a car that can't shift into the next gear, when our adrenals are worn out, we will sputter and find no oomph to continue moving forward.
  • Sesame Seed Oil: This carrier oil is rich in Vitamin E and nourishing to the skin and body. It also means that dilution of this essential oil blend is not necessary! 
The adrenal glands are located just above the kidneys and are known for the 'fight or flight' response... which is great if we're running from a lion, but the constant stress of daily life keeps them on overdrive! 
When we are stressed our bodies activate what's called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis - the loop of neurotransmitters and hormones that include cortisol. When we're being chased by a lion, this loop is a good thing. It keeps us moving and keeps us safe. The harm comes when the loop doesn't turn off. Consistent overproduction of cortisol keeps this loop going.. and going… and going. Which means our systems are literally flooded with stress. And this stress starts to suppress immunity, slow digestion and can have long-lasting effects.
“The persistent activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in the chronic stress response and in depression probably impairs the immune response and contributes to the development and progression of some types of cancer.” 
This means that stress management and support of our adrenals is absolutely essential.  EndoFlex is a wonderful choice for anyone when it comes to daily support! 
Note: EndoFlex and EndoFlex Vitality are the same essential oil blend.
  • EndoFlex Essential Oil Blend 
  • EndoFlex Vitality Essential Oil  
Note: EndoFlex and EndoFlex Vitality are the same essential oil blend.
  • Add a drop of EndoFlex Vitality to your daily Ningxia Red or drop under your tongue daily for endocrine system support.
    • This is the best, most effective way to really support your hormones!
  • Add EndoFlex Vitality and olive oil into a capsule and take daily for endocrine system support.
  • Add EndoFlex Vitality to the DIY Hormone Support Smoothie and drink during your monthly cycle (or anytime you desire):
    • 1 frozen organic banana
    • 1 Tbsp chia seeds 
    • 1 Tbsp cacao nibs
    • Juice from one orange
    • 3 drops Orange Vitality Essential Oil
    • 2 drops EndoFlex Vitality Essential Oil Blend
    • 1-3 tsp organic coconut oil (optional)
    • 1 cup organic spinach
    • 1/4 cup dry, unsalted and unroasted almonds*
    • 1/4 cup unsweetened yogurt of choice
    • 2/3 cup unsweetened milk of choice OR water
    • 5-7 Ice cubes (optional)
    • *Ideally almonds are soaked overnight
    • Add ingredients to a blender in the order listed and blend well. Top with a sprinkle of dried coconut, chia seeds or sliced almond.
  • Add a roller top to your EndoFlex (or dilute in a roller bottle) and apply daily over the thyroid (front of the throat), kidneys and adrenals (lower back), and bottom of the feet 1-2 times a day (or more for more acute support!). 
    • For a 10mL roller do 40-50 drops Endoflex and fill with a carrier of choice. 
    • Ladies, pair with Progessence Plus for a dynamic duo of hormone support! For the guys, pair with Shutran!
  • Support your adrenal glands daily with this DIY Stress Support Serum:
    • 4oz glass dropper bottle
    • Castor oil (
    • 25 drops EndoFlex
    • 20 drops Clove
    • 20 drops Rosemary
    • 10 drops Nutmeg
    • 10 drops Frankincense
    • Apply over the lower back every morning and before bed each evening!
  • Add 20 drops of EndoFlex to 1 cup of epsom salts for a relaxing, supportive bath. You can also add other stress support oils like Lavender, Rosemary, Nutmeg or Geranium.
  • Use EndoFlex or EndoFlex Vitality alongside hormone supporting supplements such as Thyrom or EndoGize
  • Use EndoFlex or EndoFlex Vitality more frequently during times of high stress. (See the ‘Stress Recovery Challenge' Resource linked below for more!) 
DIFFUSE: Diffusing is a wonderful health habit! We have our diffuser going almost 24/7 and love to choose blends that are supportive of individual needs or systems. Try some of these great combinations for hormone support with Endoflex!
  • Gentle Blossoms: 3 drops Roman Chamomile + 4 drops Endoflex + 2 drops Grapefruit
  • Lovely: 4 drops Endoflex + 4 drops Citrus Fresh + 3 drops Frankincense
  • Love Potion: 4 drops Bergamot + 3 drops Endoflex + 3 drops Vetiver
  • Candy Hearts: 4 drops Endoflex + 3 drops Wintergreen + 3 drops Orange