Emotional Reset
Our bodies experience stress for many different reasons.  There can be good things that happen, like the birth of a child, a marriage, a new job, etc.  These circumstances, though positive, will add stress to our body.  It is good practice to manage stress levels at all times, good and bad, to supprt your wellness.  
The Power of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy effects the body 3 ways.  

The first is through sense of smell.  You can trigger emotions with a familiar scent that recalls a memory and the emotions tied to it.  

The second is through inhalation of essential oils.  The healing molecules can then enter the blood stream and be detectable within 3 seconds in the lungs, brain and thyroid, through the lungs.

The third is through topical application.  Within 20 minutes, the healing molecules of essential oils cover every cell of your body.

The therapeutic properties of essential oils can help the body and mind let go of toxins created from negative thoughts and emotions.  It is important for you to allow yourself to process and release negativity and the oils can help you do just that.  Two protocols I recommend right off the bat is Gary's Great day Protocol and The Feelings Kit Protocol.  Both are designed to help support mood  and release toxins stored in the body from trauma and negativity. 

The Power of Antioxidants
Antioxidants help maintain balance and stability within the body.  And nutrients help support the cell providing the building blocks they need for proper function.

Stable emotions are more likely when the cells are stable and nourished.  NingXia Red supports proper liver function, digestion. and brain function.  All important for emotional well being.  

The supplements like Master Formula, Super D, Super B, and Super C, are staples in your supplement cabinet.  The body is able to absorbs nutrients when the full spectrum support from master formula is present.  It was actually developed to help bridge the gap that may exist from DNA damage like the MTHFR gene mutation.  Super B, Super D, and Super C, are nutrients the body cannot make itself and they are infused with the power of essential oils to ensure bioavailability.  I know personally, when I take these supplements, its gonna be a good day!

The Power of Toxin-Free Living
Toxins burden the body and cause issues like endocrine disruption, inflammation, fatigue, cancer, etc.  You want to eliminate as many toxins from your home as possible.  

Since we live in a developed country, harmful chemicals are everywhere.  Isn't that ironic?  But we shouldn't shy away from this truth.  We should embrace it and do something about it.  I appreciate the amenities afforded by first world living.  But, know better , do better.  Thieve household cleaner is the easiest way to support emotional wellbeing by eliminating the harmful chemicals that cause endocrine disruption.  Did you know your hormones effect your emotions?  When they are disrupted you my feel out of balance emotionally.  
Some tips to adding these products into you lifestyle and experiencing the benefits of emotional wellbeing.
  • Leave in plain sight.  
  • Prepare them for on the go.
  • Set reminders
  • Practice self-care like proper hydration, sleep hygiene, and get moving.